Nasher Windows: Home and Land Project

Installation at the Nasher Sculpture Center August 13-18 2020/

Photo credit: Kevin Todora

Please read more about my Home and Land Project at the Nasher's website.

[Excerpt from the Nasher]

Karla García, Home and Land Project, 2020

Unfired terracotta clay and video projection, Dimensions variable Courtesy of the artist

Nasher Windows installation features the work of Karla García and runs August 13 – 18, 2020. Karla García’s Home and Land Project is a clay-based body of work inspired by the desert landscape and the intertwining notions of land, home, and identity. During an artist residency in early 2020 in St. Raphael, France, García began reflecting on what home means to her and her dual identity as a Mexican American artist living abroad. This led her to create a series of small-scale cactus sculptures in wire and terracotta clay—a material with a long history of use in sculpture, architecture, and earthenware throughout the world and a botanical form symbolic of her Latin American cultural identity. ]

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