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Land Acknowledgement

Born and raised in Juárez, México and El Paso, Texas, artist Karla García is a descendant of Spanish settlers and Native ancestry from the Chihuahua region in Mexico. Although her indigenous familial knowledge is generally lost to her family, García honors and acknowledges the ancestral lands of the native communities in this region. According to the research of the University of Texas at El Paso, Native American communities include: 

Lipan Apache, Mescalero Apache, Piro, Manso, Suma, Jumano, Ysleta del Sur Pueblo, Piro/Manso/Tiwa Indian Tribe of the Pueblo of San Juan de Guadalupe, and Tortugas Pueblo, the Carrizo & Comecrudo, Coahuiltecan, Caddo, Tonkawa, Comanche, Alabama-Coushatta, Kickapoo, and the peoples of Chihuahua and northern Mexico: the Rarámuri, Tepehuan, Wixarrika and Nahuatlaca peoples.

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