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I Carry This Land With Me

A Solo Exhibition by Karla García   -  12.26 Gallery, Dallas, Texas

Dates: February 27 - April 3, 2021

Photos : Kevin Todora. Courtesy of 12.26 Gallery.

Visit 12.26 Gallery for additional information. 

I Carry This Land With Me is a body of sculptural work paired with drawings with clay on paper where I have created a desert landscape that encapsulates the emotions of moving across a border of the same landscape. I carry this memory of land through time and space; the sculptures narrate my memories through the touch of clay creating cacti shapes that appear to have changed shape as they continue to grow through the harsh environment. The cactus is symbolic to Mexican cultural history going back to ancient Mexica mythology and to me it represents resilience and journeys despite the challenges we are presented in our own lives. I dedicate this work to my family and friends and all people who have had a difficult journey and are resilient to continue to move forward. 

I carry this land with me.

Written by Karla García

Edited by Frances Gibbs-Servello

The vast and desolate desert

holds joy and sadness

of the place I call home.

I carry this land with me.


This resilient and boundless wasteland

holds life

defying the sun.

I carry this land with me.


This peaceful yet harsh place

of shared truths, laughter and tears,

survives journeys of love, hope and loss.

I carry this land with me.


Across the miles

land that once felt heavy

now feels cool and soft.

I carry this land with me.


Dust particles move

through space and time

with hope and promise.

I call this place home.

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