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Home and Land Project


Nasher Windows
Karla García, Home and Land Project, 2020
Unfired terracotta clay and video projection,

Dimensions variable.

Exhibition dates: August 13-18, 2020

Video projection loop: 6 min 16 sec.

Installation photo by Karla García.


My current work Home and Land Project is a clay-based exploration of cacti forms inspired by the desert landscape of my home at the U.S./Mexico border, and is focused on the human condition through the lens of migration and identity politics. I use terracotta clay to create organic forms inspired by the way physical or environmental obstacles alter the growth of cacti. When these sculptures are installed at home and photographed, they create a surreal desert landscape that connects my upbringing in Mexico and the U.S. with my present life in my home in Dallas, TX. The symbol of the cactus is not only part of the Latin American cultural history iconography, but is also a metaphor for our ability to survive conflict and difficulties.

This exhibition was selected to be on display from August 13-18, 2020 at the Nasher Sculpture Center and can be seen from the windows of the Flora Street entrance vestibule. Please read more about this exhibition at the Nasher museum website.

Desert Landscape was installed December 16 2020 through January 16, 2021 at the Fort Worth Community Art Center in Fort Worth, Texas for the Human/Nature group exhibition curated by Narong Tintamusik.

Photo Credit: Kevin Todora. Courtesy of Nasher Sculpture Center. 

Desert Lnadscape. 2021. Human/Nature group exhibition at Fort Worth Community Art Center. Photography by Lynne Bowman-Cravens.

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