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Seed the Future

A public art sculpture by Karla García for Trail Drivers Park in the city of Fort Worth, Texas.

"Seed the Future" is an 8-foot-tall stainless steel sculpture that I developed as a tribute to the history and spirit of Fort Worth. Inspired by the delicate yet resilient dandelion seed, the sculpture embodies themes of hope, perseverance, and the interconnectedness of the Fort Worth community surrounding Trail Drivers Park.


Constructed from multiple pieces of stainless steel, "Seed the Future" not only reflects the surrounding environment but also invites viewers to contemplate their own place within the community. The sculpture's size and material presence serve as a lasting testament to the enduring spirit of Fort Worth and the seeds of its past that continue to shape its future.

The dandelion, with its spherical seed head, became a powerful symbol for me. It represents the community, where seeds of hope and possibility disperse and take root. This image resonated with the way the cattle drivers, like the dandelion seeds, carried a way of life that left its mark on this area.

My inspiration stemmed from the history of Fort Worth's history of the cattle drivers who traversed the land where Trail Drivers Park now stands. Through research at the city archives, I discovered the crucial role these men played in shaping the city's economic landscape. Just as the historic cattle trail connected Mexico and Texas, "Seed the Future" evokes the idea of communities coming together and fostering growth. The diverse neighborhoods that arose near the meatpacking industry and the park's own name, a testament to the past, further solidified this connection.

Photos by Raul Rodriguez.

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